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Beautiful Nails Tips

Nails are made of keratin an object in the body. Nails grow at an average rate of 0.01 centimeters a day. Caring for nails is equally important as taking care and pampering all the other body parts. Nails keep on growing so one need to regularly clean them and keep them in shape. Smoking damages nails very badly so one should avoid smoking or should cut off the intake to keep oneself healthy and to keep the nails healthy. Women do wear long artificial nails matching with their outfits to make their fingers look different and they do different art work on the nails to make them appear unique by using gels, colors, sequins on them. Shaping and cutting nails perfectly needs a little practice and patience. Keeping your nails trimmed and shaped properly helps to create a glamorous look to your hands.

Nail polish can help your hands look younger, smoother and even thinner. If you want beautyful and health nail eating a healthy diet. It is important to include certain vitamins in your daily diet to ensure that your nails are healthy and look beautiful. Every day apply a little bit of lime juice on your nails and let it rest there for 5 to 10 minutes. To avoid this unhygienic condition, remove the dirt with carbon papers or thick clothes. Never use sharper objects to remove dirt from your nails as it would break the nails. Supplement your diet with spirulina and kelp to make your nails strong. The water can work as a beautifying agent as well as a destructive aid for nails. Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to dryness, very rounded and curved ends or darkening of nails. Red skin around cuticles indicates poor metabolism of essential fatty acids.

Beautiful and Health Nails Tips

1. Eat protein rich food for white bands across the nails.

2. Deficiency of hydrochloric acid causes nails to split.

3. Deficiency of vitamin B 12 can lead to dryness, rounded and curved ends and darkening of nails.

4. Eat food rich in zinc to prevent white spots on the nails.

5. Poor metabolism of essential fatty acids causes red skin around the cuticles.

6. Eat food rich in sulfur and silicon like broccoli, fish, and onions.

7. Eat food rich in biotin such as soy, brewer’s yeast and whole grains.

8. Drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juices.

9. Drink fresh carrot juice as often as possible as it is rich in calcium and phosphorus and good for strengthening the nails.

10. For dry and brittle nails eat food that is rich in vitamin A and calcium.

11. For hangnails eat food rich in protein, vitamin C and folic acid.

12. Supplement your diet with spirulina and kelp to make your nails strong.

13. Use Blue Tinged Translucent Polish.